Acetamiprid 50%

Acetamiprid® 50% Agriculture Insecticide 200 Grams (20g x 10) اسیتا مبرید مبید حشری زراعی

AED 77.00

  • Acetamiprid controls the sucking insects very effectively by its extraordinary systemic action.
  • Acetamiprid has the ability to control the insects which gained resistance against other insecticides.
  • Acetamiprid is compatible with other commonly used Insecticides and Fungicides.
  • Acetamiprid persists in crops and hence has the ability to control the hiding insects for a longer time.
  • Acetamiprid is safe for natural enemies of insect-pests hence, it is also suitable for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme.


Acetamiprid is generally used to protect plants against sucking insects such as aphids, but it has also become common in household pest control to combat bed bugs. It is a broad-spectrum pesticide that can be used on plants ranging from leafy vegetables and fruit trees to ornamental plants.

UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment – MOCCAE Reg. No. AUD-AD-140-1418748


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