Agriculture Fertilizer Gulf Agro Liquid Fertilizer 5 Liter

AED 220.00

  • Nutrient availability: Liquid fertilizers are typically formulated to provide nutrients in a readily available form. This allows plants to absorb the nutrients more efficiently, especially when applied as foliar sprays, as they can be directly taken up through the leaves.
  • Precision application: Liquid fertilizers can be applied with precision using irrigation systems or sprayers. This enables targeted delivery to specific areas of the field or to individual plants, allowing for efficient nutrient utilization.
  • Quick action: Liquid fertilizers can provide a rapid nutrient response. Plants can absorb the nutrients quickly, which may be advantageous in situations where immediate nutrient correction or supplementation is required.
  • Foliar absorption: Liquid fertilizers can be applied as foliar sprays, allowing nutrients to be absorbed directly through the leaves. This method can be particularly useful for providing nutrients during critical growth stages or when there are limitations in nutrient uptake through the soil.
  • Compatibility with other inputs: Liquid fertilizers can often be easily combined with other inputs such as pesticides or other foliar treatments. This allows for simultaneous application, saving time and reducing application costs.


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