Agriculture Fertilizer ROOTEX Cosmocel 1 kg

AED 95.00

  • Increased Rooting Success: Rooting hormones provide an extra boost to the natural rooting process of plant cuttings. They contain substances, such as auxins, that stimulate cell division and encourage the growth of new roots. This increased root formation can lead to a higher success rate in propagating plants from cuttings.
  • Accelerated Root Growth: Rooting hormones help expedite root growth, enabling plants to establish themselves more quickly. This is particularly beneficial when propagating plants that have longer rooting times or are more challenging to root.
  • Improved Nutrient and Water Uptake: Well-developed root systems are essential for efficient nutrient and water uptake. By promoting root growth, ROOTEX and similar rooting hormones enhance the plant’s ability to absorb essential nutrients and water, which supports overall plant health and vigor.
  • Enhanced Plant Establishment: With a robust root system, plants are better equipped to establish themselves after transplanting. This is particularly useful when moving plants from cuttings to larger containers or transplanting them into the ground.
  • Greater Plant Survival Rate: By promoting healthier and stronger root development, rooting hormones can increase the survival rate of propagated plants. A well-established root system helps plants withstand environmental stresses and improves their chances of successful growth and survival.


ROOTEX is a brand of rooting hormone commonly used in gardening and horticulture to promote root development in plants. Rooting hormones contain synthetic or natural substances that aid in the formation of roots from cuttings.


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