Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens
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Areca Palm 100 cm (نخيل الاريكا )

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The Areca Palm is a truly elegant indoor palm. Multiple stems emerge from its base, with numerous long, gracefully arching fronds growing close together along the stems. Leaves are pinnate, ie feather-shaped. It is one of the top air-purifying plants and a natural humidifier that will improve the air quality of your home or office as well as adding a relaxing tropical feel.

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Water well, keeping the soil moist at all times. In summer, Areca Palms can be thirsty, particularly if located in a warm spot, however less water will be required during the winter. Do not overwater. Ideally let the soil dry out slightly at the surface before re-watering.


Tolerant of both light shade and bright, indirect light, however avoid excessive amounts of either.


Average household temperatures between 15-25°C are fine, although the warmer the better. Will not tolerate temperatures below 10°C.


Liquid fertilizer can be applied during the growing season, once a month or so should be sufficient.


Consult our Agronomist and we guide on case to case basis.



Scientific Name is Chrysalidocarpus Lutescensdf and it is sometimes known as Dypsis lutescens or Areca lutescens, more common names include Butterfly Palm, Yellow Palm, and Golden Cane.


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