Imidacloprid 200 SL (17.8 % w/w)

BAYER® Confidor® Insecticide | 250 ML

AED 130.00

A very popular choice for foliar application on many vegetable crops, Confidor® is valued for its powerful insect control. Confidor will control green peach aphid, silver leaf whitefly, woolly aphid, grey cabbage aphid and turnip aphid on an extensive range of vegetables, plus various other insect pests in ornamentals.

Imidacloprid has a broad spectrum of activity, particularly against sucking insects, various species of beetles, some species of flies, leaf miners, and termites.

  • Its outstanding biological efficacy, especially its excellent root-systemic properties, its broad spectrum of activity, good long-lasting effect – combined with low application rates and good plant compatibility, has made the product the first choice of the farmer.
  • The part of the active ingredient taken up by the plant is further distributed in an acropetally direction.
  • Confidor is compatible with conventional insecticides.


Warning! Agrochemicals/Pesticides are dangerous. Read and follow all instructions and safety precautions on labels. Carefully handle and store agrochemicals/pesticides in originally labeled containers out of the reach of children, pets, and livestock. Dispose of empty containers immediately in a safe manner and place. Contact your State Department of Environmental Protection or similar agency for current regulations. THE LABEL IS THE LAW. Before using a pesticide, check the label for proper application.


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