Macronutrients NPK Fertilizer 12-12-17

Blaukorn 12-12-17 NPK Fertilizer, Made in Germany (2 Kgs.)

AED 35.00

  • Potassium strong for Fruiting and Flowering
  • low in chloride, with and without nitrification inhibitor DMPP for maximum tolerability and best efficiency
  • withdrawal-oriented formulations for needs-based fertilization
  • higher P solubilities for optimal P availability
  • For use in horticulture and arable land. low in chloride
  • improved granulometry for a homogeneous distribution and fast grain disintegration
  • When using Blaukorn fertilizers, please measure the basic fertilization and any top fertilization based on the recommendations of the official advice. Avoid single doses over 100 kg N/ha or 1 kg N/100m2.
  • UAE Ministry MOCCAE Registration No. DXB-APH-34-1477965

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COMPO EXPERT Blaukorn 12-12-17+2+TE contains all the nutrients and characteristics of a classic blue grain. Optimized according to current needs with excellent product properties. High in potash and phosphate for on-demand fertilization on soils with medium to low levels of phosphate and potash. With a high magnesium content and iron for good coloring and assimilation, supplemented by the valuable trace nutrients boron and zinc. Phosphate with high water solubility for immediate P supply. Fine granulation ensures optimal distribution and rapid grain disintegration.


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