Blaukorn German NPK Fertilizer 12-12-17(+2+TE) for overall Growth – Made in Germany – 2 kilograms

AED 35.00

  • Made in Germany
  • Contains: Nitrogen (N) = 12% Phosphorous (P) = 12% & Potassium (K) = 17% 12-12-17 formula is the Top 1 in the UAE as this is manufactured keeping GCC temperature in mind. A special grade fertilizer based on Potassium Sulphate, with high level of Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphur and low content of chlorine compounds. NPK 12-12-17 Blaukorn Fertilizer contains micronutrients in balanced ratio to fulfill plant needs. It can be mixed with soil amendments and Humic acid before application.
  • It helps to promote absorption rates of nutrients to increase flowering and blooming strength in crops, landscape plants, ornamental plants and fruit trees.
  • The color of this fertilizer is blue.
  • Direction of Use: Sprinkle 1 Teaspoon to the soil of small potted plants (1-2 tablespoon for larger pots) once every 2 weeks. Water immediately after application to start absorption.


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