Carpenter Axe | Fiskars Finland No.1 | Brand Model – X10

AED 350.00



A carpenter’s axe is a specialized tool designed for woodworking tasks, particularly for shaping, carving, and general carpentry work. Carpenter axes typically have a relatively thin, straight bit and a longer handle compared to some other types of axes. The longer handle provides the user with better control and precision when making detailed cuts. Here are some general features and characteristics you might find in a carpenter’s axe: Thin, Straight Bit: The bit of the axe is often thinner and straighter compared to axes designed for splitting wood. This design allows for precise cuts and shaping. Long Handle: Carpenter axes typically have a longer handle, which provides the user with more leverage and control. This is beneficial for fine-tuned work. Lightweight: Carpenter axes are often lighter than axes designed for heavier tasks like splitting wood. This makes them easier to control for detailed carpentry work. Versatility: Carpenter axes are versatile tools suitable for a range of tasks, including shaping wood, carving, and general carpentry. They are not limited to a specific type of woodwork. High-Quality Materials: Quality construction materials are often used to ensure durability and longevity. This can include high-quality steel for the axe head and a strong, well-designed handle. Precision and Control: The design of a carpenter’s axe is focused on providing the user with precision and control, allowing for accurate cuts and shaping of wood.


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