Coconut Husk Chips

Coco Husk Chips Compressed – Expands to 16 gal

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  • Coco Husk Chips Compressed: Coconut mulch do a great job of retaining moisture and surpassing the growth of weeds. In addition, your shrubs and other outdoor plants will benefit from the additional nutrients that are released from your coconut coir ground cover, to read more click:…-coco-husk-chips/
  • ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE: Made from sustainable and renewable resources, the coconut husk mulch is a great mulch for your landscaping needs, providing a protective layer for your plants while promoting healthy growth.
  • DRAINAGE & AERATION: Coco chips are made by cutting coconut husk into cube shaped pieces. These chips are easy to water and break down slower than bark, remaining open and airy longer.
  • WIDLY APPLICATIONS: Each coco husk expands to 16 gallons of ready-to-use coco coir garden soil. Coco husk chips are versatile and can be used for multiple applications.
  • HOW TO USE: Simply put your compressed coco coir chips in a container, add water and wait until the water is absorbed. Fluff them up and you are ready to use them.


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