CYPERBASE® Public Heath Pesticide mainly for cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies (MADE IN ITALY) 1 LTR. مبید صحة عامة

AED 125.00

CYPERBASE is a broad spectrum insecticide active against the adult and juvenile stages of most pests. It is indicated for the control of:

  • mosquitoes
  • Sand flies
  • Home flies
  • wasps
  • hornets
  • moths
  • moths
  • formica
  • fleas
  • mites
  • cockroaches
  • dermestidae
  • bed bugs
  • scorpions
  • ticks


How to use

Mosquitoes and other crawling insects outdoors: Dilute 1% (10 ml per 1 liters) and use 1 liter of emulsion every 10 square meters approximately.

Other insects (flies, fleas and ticks in indoor or zootechnical environments) : Dilute at 2% (200 ml per 10 liters) and use 1 liter of solution every 15 m2

Precautions for use

Product to be used with caution and to be kept out of reach of children. To avoid risks to human health and the environment, follow the instructions for use on the package. 

Registration information

Registration name: Cyperbase

Registration number: AUD-AD-140-1865 of the UAEMinistry of Climate Change & Environment


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