Macronutrients NPK Fertilizer 20-20-20

Desert Energy ROOT SHOOT FRUIT Fertilizer (2 Kgs.)

AED 35.00

  • Nitrogen (N): Nitrogen is responsible for promoting leaf and stem growth. It is a vital component of proteins, enzymes, and chlorophyll, which are essential for plant development. Nitrogen helps plants produce lush foliage and strong stems, which can contribute to healthier flowers, fruits, and overall vegetation growth.
  • Phosphorus (P): Phosphorus plays a crucial role in root development, flowering, and fruiting. It aids in energy transfer and promotes the formation of flowers and fruits. Phosphorus is particularly important during the early stages of plant growth when root establishment and flower bud formation occur.
  • Potassium (K): Potassium helps regulate various plant functions and contributes to overall plant health. It promotes disease resistance, enhances water and nutrient uptake, and improves the quality and taste of fruits and vegetables. Potassium also assists in flower formation, promoting more abundant and longer-lasting blooms.


NPK 20-20-20 is a balanced water-soluble fertilizer that contains equal proportions of three essential nutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). This fertilizer is often used to promote overall plant growth, flowering, and fruit production.


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