Desert Energy Urea Fertilizer, the king of fertilizer, Urea Granular 46% Nitrogen Fertilizer | 1 Kg & 2.5 Kgs Packing (All Purpose & water soluble) (2.5)

AED 55.00

  • 1. Urea should be applied at the time of sowing. It should not come in contact with the seeds. It also can be applied as a top dressing.
  • 2. Since urea is highly concentrated, it should be used in combination with earth or sand before its application.
  • 3. It should not be applied when the soil contains free water or is likely to remain wet for three or four days after application.
  • 4. Urea is an inexpensive form of nitrogen fertilizer with an NPK (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) ratio of 46-0-0. Although urea is naturally produced in humans and animals, synthetic urea is manufactured with anhydrous ammonia.
  • 5. For gardeners who grow crops like corn, strawberries, blueberries and other heavy nitrogen feeders, urea will supply immediate and powerful applications of nitrogen. As a result of the chemical reaction that takes place when urea is applied to the soil, special care must be taken to ensure that the nitrogen is not lost when the ammonium evaporates.


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