Fiskars SingleStep Lopper Bypass Hook Head (L) L38, Non-stick Coating, Hardened Precision Steel, Length: 82 cm, Black, 1001426

AED 230.00

The Fiskars SingleStep Lopper Bypass Hook Head (L) L38 is another type of lopper designed for cutting branches in your garden. Here are some details about this particular lopper:

  1. Bypass Blade Design: Like the previous model, the L38 features a bypass blade design with two curved blades that pass by each other for clean and precise cuts on live branches.
  2. Cutting Capacity: The L38 model is designed to cut through branches with a maximum diameter of up to 38mm (approximately 1.5 inches). This cutting capacity is suitable for a wide range of pruning tasks in the garden.
  3. Non-Stick Coating: The lopper’s blades are equipped with a non-stick coating. This coating reduces friction and prevents sap and other debris from sticking to the blades, making the cutting process smoother and easier.
  4. Hardened Precision Steel: The blades are made from hardened precision steel, which enhances their durability and ensures a sharp cutting edge for efficient pruning.
  5. Length: This lopper has a total length of 82 cm, which provides a good reach for cutting branches at various heights. The long handles also provide leverage to cut through thicker branches with less effort.
  6. Color: The lopper is black, which is a common color for many garden tools.
  7. Model Number: The model number for this lopper is 1001426.




  • Bypass loppers for fresh wood, e.g. branches, hedges, bushes up to diameter 4 cm, suitable for right and left-handed users
  • Effortless overhead work thanks to light and stable lever arms made of synthetic material, Total length of pruning shears 82 cm, Weight 1.4 kg
  • Manufacturing and powerful cut: Smooth, clean cuts thanks to non-stick coating, Secure hold of the branch due to hook-shaped counter blade
  • High longevity, precision stainless steel, Easy grinding of cutting blade, Diamond file available separately in the maintenance kit (Item Number: 1001640), Finnish design
  • Contents: 1x Fiskars SingleStep Bypass-Lopper (L) L38, Length: 82 cm, Weight: 1.4 kg, Material: precision steel/Non-stick coating, Colour: Black/Orange, 1001426


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