FISKARS Xtract™ Builders Saw SW72 (123860)

AED 205.00

The Fiskars Xtract Builders Saw SW72 (123860) is a versatile hand saw designed for various cutting tasks commonly encountered by builders and DIY enthusiasts. Here are the key features of this saw:

  1. Blade: The Xtract Builders Saw SW72 features a high-quality blade that is designed for efficient cutting of a wide range of materials commonly used in construction, such as wood, plastic, and some metals. The blade is typically made from hardened steel for durability and precision.
  2. Teeth Design: The saw blade is equipped with specially designed teeth that facilitate smooth and fast cutting. The specific tooth design can vary depending on the model and intended use, but in the case of the Builders Saw, it’s likely optimized for construction materials.
  3. Blade Length: The blade of the SW72 is designed to be relatively long, allowing for extended reach and cutting capacity. The exact length can vary, but it is typically longer than many traditional hand saws.
  4. Handle: The saw features an ergonomic handle designed for a comfortable grip and ease of use. The handle may have a non-slip surface for added safety during cutting, especially when dealing with materials that may be slippery or tough to cut.
  5. Locking Mechanism: Some Fiskars saws come with a locking mechanism that allows you to secure the blade when not in use. This is a safety feature that helps protect both the user and the blade during storage and transport.
  6. Model Number: The model number 123860 is used by Fiskars to identify this specific saw model.


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