GARDENZ® Soil Conditioner Porous Rock Phosphate Pumice for Soilmix In Bonsai, Succulents, Adenium and Rare Plants Soil Amendment | Size: 6-10 mm | 10.5 Kgs

AED 75.00

  • GARDENZ Pumice contains very few trace minerals, and does not break down. Instead of adding nutrients, pumice improves soil structure.
  • Loosens heavy soil. It also keeps the soil from compacting, even when laden with water, thereby improving aeration.
  • Improve drainage in any kind of soil, and prevents soil from becoming waterlogged even in heavy rains or excessive irrigation.
  • Retains excess moisture within its porous structure. Pumice acts like a sponge, holding water until the plants need it. Then it releases that water steadily into the soil. Its unique structure can reduce your garden’s watering needs by up to 35%.
  • Adding as little as 10% pumice to any garden soil mix is enough to see the benefits.
  • GARDENZ Pumice is slightly heavier than perlite, so it won’t float to the surface of your soil over time.
  • It is just as good as perlite for water-sensitive plants like succulents and cacti. Does not retain as much water as vermiculite.


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