Organic Fertilizer

GPC XTRA Organic Fertilizer (10 kgs.) MOCCAE Approved

AED 115.00

  1. Ease of application: Easy to handle and apply. The uniform shape and size of the pellets ensure consistent distribution, reducing the risk of over- or under-fertilizing.
  2. Slow-release properties: Designed to release nutrients gradually over time. This slow-release feature helps plants receive a steady supply of nutrients, reducing the risk of nutrient imbalances or burn caused by excessive fertilization.
  3. Nutrient content: Derived from natural sources, such as compost, manure, and plant-based materials, can provide a wide range of essential nutrients for plant growth. These nutrients are released gradually as the pallets break down, improving soil fertility and supporting healthy plant development.
  4. Soil enrichment: Enhances soil structure and fertility. They promote microbial activity, improve moisture retention, and increase organic matter content, leading to improved soil health and nutrient availability for plants.
  5. Environmental benefits: Derived from natural sources and are typically free from synthetic chemicals and harmful additives. Reduces the risk of chemical runoff into water bodies, and supports a healthier ecosystem.

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Organic fertilizer in pallet form can indeed be a convenient and effective option for certain gardening and agricultural applications.


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