Grow Fast Soil Revitalizer (1 Ltr.)

AED 43.00

Want to bring the bloom and colour back into your plants? Don’t have to change the soil, just revitalize it with Grow Fast Soil Revitalizer
Available in a concentrated liquid formula, the N-P-K balance is ideal for use for both outdoor gardens (lawn, shrubs, and fruit trees) as well as for a small indoor gardens with potted plants
The Grow Fast Soil Revitalizer helps produce larger and more colorful flowers and a greener lawn


It revitalize the soil, prevent the decaying of the roots. Activates the plant biology, and help intensify the roots to grow healthier and stronger. Regular use of grow fast soil revitalizer helps perform action on soils’ microbial activity and fortifying the root system. Healthy roots means healthy plants.\nProduct Features : \nRevitalize your plant’s soil with the help Soil Revitalizer\nRegular use promotes healthy soil, healthy roots, and healthy plants\nWeight : 1000 ml


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