Insecticide GRIAL 2.5% EC 1 Liter

AED 120.00

  • Pest control: Insecticides can help manage and reduce populations of unwanted insects that may damage crops, transmit diseases, or cause other economic or health-related problems.
  • Increased crop yield: By reducing pest damage, insecticides can contribute to higher crop yields and improved productivity in agricultural settings.
  • Disease prevention: Some insect pests can transmit diseases to plants, animals, or humans. Effective insecticide use can help minimize disease transmission and protect public health.
  • Enhanced plant health: Insecticides can help protect plants from pests that feed on them, preventing damage and promoting healthier plant growth.


GRIAL 2.5% EC is an insecticide that contains 2.5% of an active ingredient, the specific identity of which is not clear from the provided information. It is important to note that without knowing the active ingredient, it is challenging to provide specific details about its benefits or mode of action.

In general, insecticides are designed to control or eliminate insect pests in various settings, including agriculture, horticulture, and public health. They work by targeting specific physiological processes or systems in insects, thereby disrupting their normal functioning and causing harm or death.


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