Moss Stick 100 cm (عمود موس يدعم نمو النبات طول 100 سم )

AED 25.00

  • WHAT YOU GET – Moss stick; Comes with, providing convenient for you to identify your plants.
  • SIZE – 100 cm height, this plant support is ideal for climbing plants and creepers such as Pothos, Money Plant, Monstera.
  • MATERIAL – This coco coir pole is made of natural coir moss fiber, which is safety for your plants. It help plants maintain the water and nutrition for growing better.
  • STURDY SUPPORT – Insert into soil easily, providing strong support for the plant extension. The rope
  • WIDELY USED – Moss stick is the ideal support for various indoor climbing plants. It is perfect for climbing plants, vine plants, creepers, such as, Pothos, Money Plant, Monstera.


Moss pole is a good support for taller and fuller plants. Train your plants to grow upwards and benefit from more natural light.


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