Organic Pesticide Nema-Kill 500 ml

AED 145.00

  • Nematode control: Nematicides are formulated to control and reduce populations of plant-parasitic nematodes. By targeting these pests, nematicides can help protect plant roots and mitigate the damage caused by nematode feeding.
  • Increased crop yields: By effectively managing nematode populations, nematicides can contribute to higher crop yields. Nematode-infested plants often exhibit stunted growth, reduced nutrient uptake, and lower productivity. Controlling nematodes with nematicides can help plants grow more vigorously and produce greater yields.
  • Protection against nematode-transmitted diseases: Some nematodes act as vectors for plant diseases, spreading pathogens that can further harm crops. By targeting and suppressing nematode populations, nematicides can help prevent the transmission of diseases and reduce the impact on crop health.
  • Crop rotation flexibility: Nematicides can provide farmers with more flexibility in crop rotation practices. Certain crops may be more susceptible to nematode damage, and by using nematicides, farmers can reduce the risk and manage nematode populations effectively, allowing for a wider range of crop choices.


Nematicides in general, they are pesticides specifically designed to target and control plant-parasitic nematodes. Nematodes are microscopic roundworms that can cause significant damage to crops by feeding on plant roots or transmitting diseases.


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