Peppery Flavor Rucola seeds (1 Kilograms.) – بذورجرجیر

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  • EASY TO GROW – Seeds are packed in a beautiful paper packet with instructions for successful growing and germination in your own home garden. Getting started is simple for both beginner and experienced gardeners.
  • EXCELLENT GIFT for you, your family, and your friends. Grow in your yard, raised beds, planter boxes, Pots, and know for sure what goes onto and into the food on your table.
  • Arugula, also known as Rocket, Roquette, Rugula, and Rucola is great for planting in the herb garden for sprouting. It is edible, most often being used raw in salads.
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A leafy green herb with a rich peppery flavor is Arugula, known as Rocket, Roquette, Rugula and Rucola. Generally used in green salads, Arugula can also be cooked as a vegetable and served with pastas and meats for a taste similar to spinach. For growing outdoors, the best time to sow Arugula seed is from April to early summer. Use fertile, well-drained soil and sow the herb seeds in a sunny location (dappled shades works well). Sow the herb seed successively, every 20 to 30 days, from spring through the first of summer. Thin the seedlings to 9 to 12 inches apart. Harvest the young leaves and the Arugula plant will continue to generate new leaves for weeks. In the heat of the summer, it is helpful to provide a shade cloth to protect the leaves and keep the taste mild.


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