Prayer Plant – Maranta (نبات الصلاة . مارانتا )

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Maranta are spectacularly variegated ornamental houseplants. Sometimes called Maranta leuconeura Fascinator Tricolour, the oval shaped leaves of the Herringbone Plant are incredibly unique.

The leaves are dark green in the centre melding to a lighter green at the margins and alternate light splotches down the centre line. The veins are an eye-catching red, running down the centre of the leaf and branching out in a herringbone pattern.

Often referred to as Prayer Plants, along with their closely related cousins Calathea, Maranta leaves have the unusual characteristic of lying flat during the day and then closing upwards at night as if in prayer.

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Keep the soil moist at all times, but do not over-water or allow the plant to sit in soggy conditions. Watering with soft, lukewarm water is recommended.


Maranta grow best in bright light, but will tolerate shade. Avoid direct sunlight.


Average to warm temperatures from 18-27°C but can cope with as low as 15°C. Avoid draughts.


Apply a balanced fertiliser once or twice a month during the growing season.


Consult our Agronomist and we guide on case to case basis.



Scientific Name: Maranta leuconeura erythroneura. The Erythroneura prayer plant has dark-green leaves and veins of a deep red color. This plant tends to raise and fold up its leaves in the evening, then close in the morning.

Country of Origin: Central and South America, West Indies


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