Premium Aroid mix, Chunky version for Special Indoor Plants, Monstera, Philodendron, Orchid etc. | 15 LTR

AED 45.00

  • 1) Coco chips – The largest component of the soil mix. Greatly enhances water drainage and soil aeration. Some aroids are climbing plants, and they like having large chunks of material to grip onto.
  • 2) Perlite – Volcanic rock in the form of granules. Reduces soil compaction. Creates air pockets around roots. Improves drainage.
  • 3) Coco Peat – Derived from the husks of coconuts, cocopeat improves the water retention capacity of the soil, thereby helping to keep it moist. The relatively smaller proportion of cocopeat as compared to coco chips + perlite ensures that mix is moist but not soggy.
  • 4) Vermicompost – Rich in humus, thereby providing beneficial nutrients to plants. Holds on to nutrients until they are required by the plants and prevents them from washing away.
  • 5) Charcoal & Porus Rock – Anti microbial, protecting roots from fungal and bacterial growth. Absorbs toxins.
  • Food for thought – in the wild, aroids usually grow on the rainforest floor. The rainforest floor mainly consists of fallen plant parts, such as leaves, bark and branches, at various stages of decomposition. Soil on the rainforest floor is rich in nutrients, light and airy, and drains water well.
  • Gardenz aroid mix is formulated have the same properties as this soil: it holds just the right amount of water that aroids require, and contains the nutrients they need to thrive. Aroids grown in this well draining and well aerated mix are much less likely to suffer from root rot.
  • Pachage: 15 Liter Box


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