Active ingredient: Copper Oxychloride

RidomilGold® Fungicide & Bactericide | Made in Italy | MOCCAE Approved | (ريدوميل غولد :مبيد فطري و بكتيري ،العنصر الفعال :اوكسي كلوريد النحاس ،موافق عليه من وزارة البيئة ،صنع في ايطاليا)No.1 Choice of Gardeners | 1 KG

AED 135.00

  • Controls plant diseases – Copper Fungicide helps control powdery mildew, downy mildew, black spot, peach leaf curl, rust, and many other diseases.
  • Protection for plants – Designed for use on vegetables, roses, fruits, nuts, herbs, ornamentals and turf.
  • Organic gardening – Approved and suitable for all of your organic gardening needs. It can even be used up to the day of harvest. This natural fungicide is designed to be safely used around people and pets.
  • Contains copper – The active ingredient of copper is a naturally occurring chemical which makes it a great option for use on all of your plants.
  • Easy to apply – Product instantly mixes with water and should be applied using either a hose-end sprayer or tank sprayer. Carefully read and use according to label directions.


Warning! Agrochemicals/Pesticides are dangerous. Read and follow all instructions and safety precautions on labels. Carefully handle and store agrochemicals/pesticides in originally labeled containers out of the reach of children, pets, and livestock. Dispose of empty containers immediately in a safe manner and place. Contact your State Department of Environmental Protection or similar agency for current regulations. THE LABEL IS THE LAW. Before using a pesticide, check the label for proper application.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 18 cm


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