Schefflera Gold Umbrella Tree (نبات الشفليرا الذهبية )

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Schefflera arboricola are fantastic houseplants with beautiful foliage. They are not difficult to look after and will tolerate some neglect as well as help clean the surrounding air.

Also known as the Parasol Plant, Schefflera arboricola Gold Capella has green, glossy palm-like leaves, oval in shape with irregular splashes of gold, yellow and pale green variegation. They are fast-growing, but are readily trimmed into shape, making them adaptable as small, compact plants displayed on a table through to tall, specimen floor plants.

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Water when the soil has become slightly dry. Water thoroughly and allow to drain freely. They like to be moist but not wet, don't leave them sitting in water.


Best grown in bright, indirect light to partial shade. Insufficient light may cause leggy growth.


Normal household conditions 15-24°C. Avoid draughts.


Feed once a year or so with a balanced fertilizer during the growing period.


Consult our Agronomist and we guide on case to case basis.



Scientific Name: Brassaia Actinophylla (Schefflera Actinophylla)
It’s a large tree. Umbrella tree tends to grow multiple trunks. The leaves are usually grouped at the ends of the trunks. They are large and roughly circular with several to many oblong, wide, shiny, light-green, finger-like leaflets. Each leaf is held on a long leaf stem. The plant has an upright and narrow profile. Many dull-red flowers are produced in the late summer and fall on unusual crest-like stalks. The flowers are held well above the foliage at the tips of the branches.
– Max. Height: 15.2 m
– Max. Width: 6.1 m


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