VAN EGMOND® Universal Potting Soil 50 LTR. Made in Holland

AED 45.00

  • Nutrient-rich: The potting soil is formulated with a balanced blend of organic matter, such as peat moss and compost, along with essential nutrients. This nutrient-rich composition helps to nourish the plants and promote healthy growth.
  • Good drainage and aeration: The soil has excellent drainage properties, allowing excess water to flow away easily. It also provides adequate aeration for the roots, preventing waterlogged conditions that can lead to root rot and other problems.
  • Retains moisture: Despite its good drainage, VAN EGMOND® Universal Potting Soil has the ability to retain moisture, ensuring that plants have access to water even during dry periods. This helps to maintain optimal hydration levels for healthy plant growth.
  • pH balanced: The potting soil is pH balanced, meaning it has an appropriate acidity level for most plants. This pH balance helps to create an optimal environment for root development and nutrient absorption.
  • Versatile use: VAN EGMOND® Universal Potting Soil can be used for various applications, including container gardening, raised beds, seed starting, transplanting, and general soil improvement. It provides a versatile and convenient option for gardeners.
  • Weed-free and sterile: The potting soil is carefully processed and sterilized to remove weed seeds and harmful pathogens, reducing the risk of weed growth and plant diseases. This helps to create a cleaner and healthier growing environment.
  • Sustainable production: VAN EGMOND® Universal Potting Soil is produced using sustainable practices, with a focus on minimizing environmental impact. It is often made with responsibly sourced organic materials and manufactured using energy-efficient processes.


VAN EGMOND® Universal Potting Soil is a high-quality potting soil product made in Holland. It is designed to provide an ideal growing medium for a wide range of plants, including flowers, vegetables, herbs, and indoor plants.


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