Watering can with detachable nozzle | Total capacity: 5 Liter (علبة سقاية مع غطاء قابل للفصل .سعة 5 لتر)

AED 27.00

1- Strong carrying capacity, non-toxic, not easy to break and crack, smooth and delicate, handle thickened design and comfortable grip.
2- Humanized handle, anti-sliding design, long-term grip is not tired, increase the water injection port, convenient for quick irrigation, saving time and effort.
3- Simple and stylish, safe material, convenient and durable, the mouthpiece is designed with large mouth, convenient for water connection and not easy to leak.
4- The plant watering can for potted plants, indoor plants, patio plants, hanging plants and outdoor gardens.
Suitable for all, very stylish, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, can be placed in the utility room or open shelves, beautiful and practical, Made of high quality material.


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